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We want to come to your party. Not as a guests, but as the main attraction. What’s a good party without finger food. And Boom Boom Chicken is the ultimate in original finger food. It’s classy, upscale fried chicken. In fact, it might be the best fried chicken you never tasted. We’re different. We’re doubled fried, Korean fried chicken. Where the skin is cooked to a crispy delight. And nearly all the oil stays in the kitchen. We can do platters of wings or legs. We can mix it up between spicy (and we offer serious spice, here) and soy-garlic. We also offer donkatsu (a pork cutlet), katsu (a chicken cutlet), popcorn chicken, and side dishes. On the side, you can have the nice clean taste of pickled radish, green salad, corn salad, french fries, Boom Boom salad, steamed rice, onion rings or even mozzarella sticks. Why offer the same sorry sandwiches for your business meeting. Bring something that will get people talking. Boom Boom Chicken is the quality alternative to boring food. “After one bite, I can definitely say that I’m in love!!!” said a reviewer on Yelp.com. “Tried the spicy one first and the chicken was still crunchy – even after sitting in my car for an hour. The spice was perfect.” Think different. Go for the attention getter. Go for Boom Boom Chicken.

Boom Boom Chicken

Catering Menu

Platters start at $100
$100 Packages
#1 DRUMS & WINGS 30 DRUMS & 60 WINGS (it’s like getting one small combo box FREE)
#2 WINGS 112 WINGS (it’s like getting a small box of Wings FREE)
#3 DRUMSTICKS 60 DRUMSTICKS (it’s like getting a small box of Drums FREE)


Half Trays

Chicken Salad $30
Green Salad $20
Boom Boom Salad $25
Corn Salad $20
French Fries $20
Steamed White Rice $15
Mozzarella Sticks 30 pieces $20
Edamame $15
Dumplings (select fried or steamed and shrimp or pork) (Each additional 5 pieces $3) 30 pieces $25
Chicken Wings and Drumsticks. Boom Boom Chicken, Edison, N.J.

Chicken Wings and Drumsticks. Boom Boom Chicken, Edison, N.J.

Top 25 Franchise honor. Boom Boom Chicken, Edison, N.J.

Top 25 Franchise honor. Boom Boom Chicken, Edison, N.J.

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    Boom Boom Chicken
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