Boom Boom ChickenBoom Boom ChickenBoom Boom ChickenBoom Boom ChickenBoom Boom Chicken

Our Story

How do the customers describe Boom Boom Chicken? Our chicken?

“OMG!!!!! It is sooooooo good!!!!”

What is a “Boom Boom” chicken?

It’s the newest Korean food vendor in town, specializing in delicious fried chicken with a cultural twist. Located at 1751 State Highway 27, Edison, New Jersey, Boom Boom Chicken is offering customers a style of fried chicken that has long been a traditional food staple in Korea, but is just starting to attract much-deserved attention in the United States.


Eat-In & Take-Out

This food is too good to wait for a special occasion. Come in, sit down, or take home. We’re waiting for you.  


When you have that special event, the food should be special too. See us to make your event event even better.  


We know we’ve got a good product. But we are always looking for feedback. And we certainly don’t mind praise.  


Boom Boom Chicken

This is my go to spot for Korean fried chicken. The wings are crispy and juicy without being over battered and over saucy.

Boom Boom Chicken

If you ever had Korean fried chicken, you know this place is legit. This is the best double deep fried chicken you can get in the area. Hands down.

Boom Boom Chicken

This place is the most addicting place ever for Korean fried chicken. I was absolutely obsessed with Boom Boom Chicken for the past year. Is it the garlic sauce? Is it the crispness?

Boom Boom Chicken

This place has chicken that will knock your socks off.

Boom Boom Chicken

I finally tried Boom Boom Chicken and I’m addicted. Their fried chicken is delicious. I like the spicy whole chicken which is a mix of wings, breast meat and legs. I’ve been several times in the last month, can’t believe what I was missing!

Boom Boom Chicken

The best flavorful fried chicken you will ever have, the sauce is great and the chicken full of tasty goodness, nothing beats this place for Korean fried chicken.

Boom Boom Chicken

Unique and well worth a visit. This is a big draw for people around here. The coating is nothing like most folks have experienced. A Korean recipe. Crispy, light, flavorful. A little pricey, but worth it

Boom Boom Chicken

The chicken was perfectly cooked super fresh, crunchy, and the meat was so juicy. The wings also had the right amount of sauce on then.

Boom Boom Chicken

Honestly, Korean fried chicken is my kryptonite! It’s so juicy, crunchy and honestly just sooo delicious. i definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants GOOD flavored chicken wings

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